"While in the army I gained my electrical fitter ticket,".  "By doing the NAP program, it was a chance to upgrade to the electrical fitter mechanic trade.

"I've finished my trade and am now gainfully employed as an electrician.

"It's good to see that the scheme works and it's good to be the first person from Bechtel across these projects to complete it."

Gordon W - Electrician


I would like to thank you personally for the Information Night. It gave me a sense of hope

That, as an older worker, there is still opportunity for people like me. I have skills earned over many years that you can’t get with just training (the old school of hard knocks type thing). I left with a fresh outlook. This is the just the opportunity that makes you think "Yes, I can do this."

Once again, thank you.

Kindest regards

Michael D



Skills Queensland Chief Executive Officer Rod Camm said he welcomed NAP’s innovative approach to training.

“We need to start implementing suitably structured adult entry trade programs, like the National Apprenticeships Program, which make it easier for Queenslanders to pursue a trade career and increase the number of skilled workers for employers.  For working Queenslanders with families and mortgages, it is often very hard for them to commit to a traditional three or four year apprenticeship, but by being innovative in our approaches to training we can make a trade career more realistic and attainable. Adult entry trade programs also help the training system remain flexible enough to respond to industry training requirements,” he said.




July 2013

“Macmahon has been delighted with the skill set of our mature age apprentices attained through the NAP. This programme has been instrumental in delivering experienced workers for startup projects with a pre-existing skill set that can be deployed, and who can live our values of safety and teamwork through mentoring younger apprentices. We would highly recommend this programme to other employers who are looking to fill their workforce planning needs for future projects while reinvesting in training outcomes in Australia.”

Angie Young




Feb 2013

“Testament to the calibre of our NAP apprentices is that we have two who were finalists in the annual Jason Blee apprentice awards, one that finished his electrical trade with the highest ever Capstone test result of 98.15% for all of SkillsTech Australia and another who quite likely saved the life of a truck driver following an incident on the apprentice’s way to work due to his quick thinking and proactive approach to safety”.

Debbie Butler

Anglo American Learning, Development and Talent Manager



Jan 2012

“The Australian Petroleum Production and Exploration Association (APPEA) supports the National Apprenticeships Program because it provides an alternative and viable way for companies in our sector to ensure a supply of qualified tradespeople at a time when the industry is undergoing rapid expansion.

The Program enables the Oil and Gas industry to take experienced but unqualified people and place them in accelerated apprenticeships without losing the focus on high standards, quality and safety, and thereby provides the additional skilled workers needed for the different phases of LNG projects.

At the same time, the Program ensures that local communities have access to the training and employment opportunities that the industry offers.”

Miranda Deakin