Step 2 - Application Process Energy & Resources Sector

It is important to note that there are multiple steps to follow to apply for the NAP Program.  Please see below the instructions on how to complete Step 2 -Expression of Interest Process.

Step 2:  Expression of Interest Application.

After registering you should automatically be signed in, if not Click on Sign In on the "Home" page.

Enter your Email Address, Password and the Characters as indicated in the box and click "Sign In".


Click on the State you currently reside in to see the Apprenticeships that are available.

Under Apply Now are the listed Trades – Click on the most suitable trade


A selection of applicable experience will be shown (the selections will be different for each trade)
Tick all applicable (at least one must be ticked)

Click on Continue

Fill out all areas of the Expression of Interest Form

Paste resume by copying (Ctrl C) the body text of your resume and pasting (Ctrl V) into the box provided. Do not copy resume file into this box as this will not work.

Read disclaimer of conditions of employment, if agree tick yes box

Click on Submit Form

If all information has been entered the below screen will appear.  You will also receive an email with the same information as below in it.


if it takes you back to the "Home Page", please click on "Click Here To Apply".