Information For Employers

The National Apprenticeships Program (NAP) is a unique training alternative for the resources and other sectors, contributing to organisation capability and workforce development.

NAP seeks to upskill talented and experienced Australians to full trade qualifications within eighteen months - much less than the traditional four year apprenticeship. This previously was a Federally funded program but is now backed by peak industry organisations and offers a viable strategy that enhances traditional efforts to meet the skills shortage.

With an increasing number of very experienced tradespeople retiring from the workforce, NAP offers some relief to this loss of experience by offering talented, experienced and skilled Australians to fill this void.

Our new cluster model enables employers to participate with just one apprentice.

NAP can help you by:

Providing an initial Skills Workshop to identify your business needs and to specify the candidates’ existing skillset.

All NAP applicants agree to work anywhere in Australia on a FIFO basis.

NAP uses a robust selection process, including a formal Recognition of Prior Learning assessment through TAFE,   to accredit work history and skills; and Psychometric and risk management testing equivalent to some executive and graduate recruitment programs.

The average age of a successful NAP applicant is 35, offering you increased workforce maturity, greater employee retention and immediate workplace productivity. Our candidates have considerable experience, require less supervision and have a higher awareness of risk mitigation.

NAP apprentices generally only have to attend up to 12 weeks at college during their apprenticeship.

Your cost saving per apprentice can be up to $207,000 compared to a traditional 4 year apprenticeship. (This analysis is based on the reduced training period and the reduction in supervision.)

NAP is backed by Governments and peak industry organisations and seeks to upskill talented and experienced Australians to full trade qualifications in less than the nominal term. This previously Federally funded program is a new viable strategy that will enhance traditional efforts to meet the skills shortage.


Comments from our Host Employers:


“We could see that NAP would fit into our system and help fill a gap we had, which was to get more tradespeople into the industry, in a short period of time, but also with the required skillset. You’re not getting someone straight off the street that’s green. We’re actually getting people who have skills in the industry.”

Macmahon’s Apprentice Coordinator – Jason Cullen

“We’ve received really positive feedback from both the trainees and the Anglo American representatives working with them (NAP apprentices) on site, who have been really impressed with the skill level demonstrated so far.”

Anglo American Metallurgical Coal’s Learning and Development Manager – Debbie Butler