Information for Defence Employers

The Defence Trade Program offers priority support to veterans and ex-service personnel aspiring on separation for a pathway to a trade career.

That support would be help to identify an adult apprenticeship through a committed Group Training Organisation or direct placement with an employer.

The Defence Trade Program draws on the significant experience and network capacity of an alliance of GTOs across the country in locations where settlement after service is favoured.

East Coast Apprenticeships, developer and manager of the very successful National Apprenticeships Program has encouraged an alliance of like-minded GTOs across

the country to combine their considerable expertise and resources into a joint priority effort to help veterans and ex-service personnel. This GTO commitment acknowledges the supreme service and sacrifice defence personnel give to the Nation.

You are invited to support this effort by advertising the Program through your own networks and Newsletters. Interested veterans and ex-service personnel can register for the Program or seek further advice by contacting [email protected] or calling 07-3480-7454.

Support from Employers and Businesses who can offer a placement for an adult apprenticeship is essential to the success of the Program. If you are interested in offering a placement in a particular trade and location anywhere in Australia, you are invited to also contact [email protected] or call 07-3480-7454.

To express your interest in becoming a supporting employer in this Program please Click Here