How Can NAP Benefit You?

The National Apprenticeships Program was designed specifically to address the skills shortage in the Minerals and Energy sectors.  These significant benefits can now be made available to other sectors.

NAP provides experienced workers who are immediately productive on site and can also be trade qualified within 18 months. Our Program also ensures those skilled workers are aligned with your specific operational requirements.

The Program is also suited to trade sectors facing their own skills shortages due to the aging workforce. It is predicted that a large percentage of experienced tradespeople will retire within the next five to ten years. NAP can help employers prepare for those retirements by recruiting adult workers with experience and significant existing skills.  These talented Australians can be trained to individual workplace requirements.


NAP is now offering a more flexible way of employing skilled Australian Workers.

You can participate with just one candidate.  (Please note campaigns commence once 25 positions are filled by combined stakeholders.)

Benefits to you include:

* Flexibility within the current economic climate to optimise staff levels

* Ability to trial NAP on a small scale

* Skills tailored to your operational needs

* Short delivery lead time with quality assured

* Simplified administration and compliance

* Safer, immediate productivity gains

* Access to “un-tapped” skilled and talented Australians

NAP has an established track record of ensuring only the most suitable and skilled candidates are presented to stakeholders for consideration.  Candidates can be ready for commencement on-site within 35-100 days. Employment can be FIFO or DIDO, depending on your requirements.


Selection amounts to a second chance at a trade qualification for older workers who may have thought the opportunity had passed them by. It also offers an alternative employment pathway into an extremely sought-after and competitive sector.