FAQ for Employers

    • What level of involvement is required from the Industry Employer in the recruitment process?
      Industry Employers are required to:
      • Identify trade types required
      • Nominate how many apprentices are required and in which trade type
      • Nominate working location of NAP Apprentice/s
      • Nominate commencement dates
      • Advise which EBA is applied on nominated sites. This informs us on the conditions applicable for each site
      • Whether location is local,has FIFO conditions or ‘gate to gate’ requirements
      • Liaise with NAP Program Management on advertisement content and layout
      • Nominate the ‘Authorised Person’ for Enterprise liaison
      • Complete the Apprentice Requirements Form (ARF)
      • Submit form to NAP Program Management Team.
    • What additional cost is involved when taking on a NAP apprentice?
      The selection process cost is an element of charge invoiced to industry per successful candidate. Note: If the services of a local Group Training Organisation is required a separate commercial arrangement with the GTO would be entered.
  • What if the Apprentice turns out not to be suitable for the job?
    There is a 3 month probationary period during which time both the Enterprise and the Apprentice would gain an understanding of whether or not the Apprentice is likely to be successful in the longer term.However the Program currently has established a 94% retention rate. If a problem arises after probation, if the apprentice is indentured with a GTO a nominated Field Officer would arrange a meeting with the Apprentice, together with their Supervisor and a course of action would be agreed. If no improvement were apparent in the agreed time, the Enterprise would be at liberty to return the Apprentice to the GTO.
  • What are we committing to when we take on a NAP apprentice?
    To provide employment and training opportunities to complete the Training Contract.
  • How long will it take for a NAP apprentice to complete the apprenticeship?
    This is a competency not timebased Program. The maximum anticipated time is 18 months. Participants will be judged competent by a Registered Training Provider when they have achieved competency. However, the NAP process model mandates a minimum 40% requirement of course competencies to be evidenced through the RPL process as the entry requirement for the Program. This figure is set to ensure that Apprentices are already well skilled before they commence the Program and may complete, in some cases, before that time has elapsed.
  • What if we need to re-position our apprentices to a different location?
    Once the Apprentice is indentured, they will work on any site the Enterprise requires for the duration of the apprenticeship. This is in alignment with a NAP entry requirement that applicants accept they must be prepared to work on any site in Australia.
  • How many apprentices do we have to take?
    The requirement has been reduced from the initial 25 to meet enterprises individual needs and can be discussed with the NAP Management Team.
  • How long will it take to get the apprentices on site once we decide we want them?
    There is a ‘lead time’ of precisely 100 calendar days from the NAP Management receiving the Apprentice Enterprise Requirements Form (ARF) and the Apprentices arriving on site.
  • What do we need to do to ‘trigger’ the NAP process of recruitment?
    Complete all requirements in Q1
  • How much will it cost us for the recruitment process?
    In practical terms, nothing up front! With the exception of providing representatives at Information Nights and Assessment Centres.Under the NAP initiative, the cost of the recruitment process is invoiced to industry per successful candidate.